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Roller shelf desks are often the most practical answer for additional storage and work space in any county office. These units are a specialty of Steel Fixture and we take pride in offering what is probably the most complete standard line of Roller Shelf desks in the world. Custom sizes are available upon request.

We use Wilsonart laminates on our tops, please view the selection on their Wilsonart Laminate Brochure (Link opens in an external tab). Laminates listed as Premium or HD will incur an additonal charge.

Stock Roller Shelf Desks - our stock roller shelf book size openings are as follows:


WIDTH - 19-1/8"

DEPTH - 13-3/8"

HEIGHT - (Between Shelves) 3-3/4"


WIDTH - 19-1/8"

DEPTH - 17-3/8"

HEIGHT - (Between Shelves) 3-3/4"

Each standing desk allows for 8 books at these openings. The roller shelves are adjustable in ½" increments allowing custom fitting of various size books.

Roller shelf desks come in various styles and opening configurations:

Single Faced - Books can be inserted from one side only. Usually placed against a wall, and as the wall backs the desk, finished backs are furnished only on request, and at additional cost. The counter top overhangs at the rear of the unit 1 1/2" so the top will be flush against a wall even if there is a mop board.

Double Faced - These units are normally free standing giving access to both sides. Their double width provides a large work-top work area.

Flat Top - Is the term used to indicate that the desk top is flat.

Sloped Top - Has reference to shaped desk tops that slope upward at a rate of two inches in 20", highest point 44". This holds the back of the book up at a slight angle offering a more convenient reading and working position. The sloped top is the most popular model.

Double Faced Compact - The double faced flat top compact desk is designed to serve in areas where space is at a premium. The width of the standard depth unit (for standard books) is approximately 30-3/4", the extra depth unit (for photo copy binders) is approximately 38-3/4" wide. Compact desk prices are the same as full width units.

Click images for larger version. Images shown are two opening.

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