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Our Art Screens are designed to store framed art that you do not want to pack away. The screens are available in two different styles, making them very convenient depending on your room layout. One style is the Wall Mount, which has mounting holes readily available for mounting to a wall where you choose. The other style is the Free Standing for back to back applications. It has mounting holes for securing to the floor and is accessible from both sides for twice the storage. Custom sizes are available.

Ask us about art storage hooks to hang your art. Made from heavy duty stainless steel so they will help to preserve your art.

Free Standing - Info & Pics

Accessible from both sides for twice the storage.

Wall Mounted - Info & Pics

Designed to affix to walls.

Art Tills - Info & Pics

The Art Storage Till is an open shelving unit designed to store framed art with the provision of adjustable vertical dividers for compartmental separation of framed art pieces.