1. What type of paint is on your cases and does it off gas?
We use a baked on powder paint system. The paint is applied in powder form to the steel cases and then baked on in our ovens. This paint system eliminates any off gasing that might harmful to artifacts. View our color options.

2. Are your cases air tight?
Our cases with doors are as air tight as possible. We use a closed cell silicone "e-seal" that is mechanically fastened to the door frame. Our handle operated up and down bolt draws the door into the seal which seals the door. Our cases have been tested and meet the requirements of an air exchange test. For information on this test contact our office.

3. Are your cases fire proof?
No, our cases are not fire proof. The production cost and liability issues are prohibitive. There are a limited number of companies making fire proof units.

4. I have unusual artifacts to be stored, do you make custom cases?
Yes, we specialize in custom cases for those unusual storage needs. We have as few as one up to large quanitities. They vary in size an drawer configuration. Contact our office with those unusual storage needs.

5. We have a limited staff and our facility does not have a loading dock, can you arrange for an inside delivery?
Yes, we are using a van line moving company for those difficult deliveries. This type of delivery does cost more than a standard truck line, but your cases will be put in the area you want and all packaging materials removed.

6. How can I get more information?
Call (800) 342-9180 or contact us. We will put you in contact with a representative.